Getting friends from everywhere

The woman is sitting on the floor and is stroking with a massage brush over the boy’s arm in calm, constant movements. Four young women are sitting next to her and are following each of her moves with great attention. The woman’s name is Joan, she is from the USA and she is a very experienced occupational therapist.
Joan spent one month working as a volunteer at the VAC. During that time she taught the teachers in a patient and vivid manner how they can even better address the developmental needs of children with autism.
At the VAC, Joan quickly teamed up with Karina, a special education teacher from Switzerland, who, on a voluntary basis, has been supporting mainly the training and further education of our teaching staff for the past six months. The positive outcomes of their joined efforts are already visible at the VAC. Karina is now focusing on teaching the basics of autism and the resulting pedagogical approaches for a successful education process. She is being supported by the special education teachers Khu Or and Khu Ae from Thailand.
All these efforts are generating great interest among our teachers who are full of enthusiasm for the cause. But even here we are facing challenges. We keep on losing qualified teaching personnel; in recent times this is also due to the long overdue increase in teachers’ salaries in the public school system. Now we feel the pressure on us to catch up although our current financial situation does not allow us to do so. On the other hand the list of donors is getting longer and longer what is greatly improving our confidence. Special thanks to the Buhnrain school in Zurich where a class donated money for our purpose.

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