Happy Lao New Year

Lao New Year was celebrated at VAC on 12. April 2012 as usual with lots of fun and a lot of water. Wishing all of you also all the best for the buddhist year 2555!
April is not only the month of the traditional new year but – for us at least as important – also of Awareness for Autism. In Vientiane we celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on 2. April together with parents, relatives, friends and supporters (The Lao daily Pathet Lao reported on 3. April). On 11. April VAC welcomed the director of teacher training department of Ministry of Education and Sports as well as the director of Dongkhamsang teacher training college. We hope to start training in special education in Laos as soon as possible in order to get the much needed experts for autism, learning disabilities, down syndrom etc.
The center saw again some changes. We welcome more new kids: Dodo, Jason, and – ending the quite longtime of a pure boys group – the two girls Nadia and Silichanh. Unfortunately Khu Noum left us after just two months, so that we are now desparately looking for new teachers.
Donations are coming in from time to time and keep our scholarship scheme afloat. In March we got 250 Euro, in April so far 514 Euro. If only for each bottle of Beerlao drunken during Lao New Year we could get 100 Kip for our kids …

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