Preparing for the 3rd congress of ASEAN Autism Network

In 2010 the ASEAN Autism Network was founded and held its first congress in Bangkok, Thailand. The network is uniting associations of parents of children with autism throughout the South-east Asian region. In 2013 AAN met for its second congress in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. In both congresses members from 9 ASEAN countries had the great opportunity to share experiences, to visit education institutions for children with autism and to agree on joint activities. AfA very much appreciates the support lend by the more experienced association to the relative latecomers like us.
Now we are preparing for the 3rd congress which will take place in Los Baños, Laguna province, Philippines, 14.-17. January 2016. Not only the location but also the focus of the congress changed over time. Have the first congresses concentrated on sharing knowledge and experiences, the third will put the persons with autism in the centre. Different creative and sports activities are scheduled for the event such as swimming, bowling running, colouring and clay moulding as well as leisure games.
swimm training1511
So far we could ensure the participation of 3 of our children accompanied by parents and supporters. We still have to prepare our kids on how to travel by plane, but we are optimistic that we can manage this. It would be nice if we could provide more children the chance to participate as many more than the three selected prepared seriously in different training activities. But parents and AfA are not able to shoulder the cost of approximately 1.500 USD per participant. The current 8 persons are able to travel to the Philippines thanks to the generous support form the Japan Foundation and Catholic Relief Services.

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