Sports at TCFC Sports Camp

Three strong boys waiting for the next action

Children like to run around. There is no exception for kids with autism. But how to get them to run in a – let’s say – structured or organised way? Every summer break TCFC is organising a Sports Camp for children in Vientiane. This year T.C. was going to try something new: to include kids from Vientiane Autism Center into the camp. So starting June 26 six children from VAC are joining the crowd at New Arena sports complex. Supported by three teachers from VAC they shared all the action and fun with more than 30 kids from many different schools and many different countries.
This has been made possible by many sponsors supporting T.C. and his team of coaches. Many thanks to Ray’s Grille, Love Life, Scorpion Wings, Starbooks, PDR Pizza.
Participating children of VAC will change during the three weeks of Sports Camp in order to allow many kids to join the different sports like rugby, field hockey, badminton, football, swimming, basketball, surfing or the different multiple tag games. The kids love it. But the teachers, normally spending most of the time in classrooms, are getting tired. Sou, sou – go for … fun!

Somchay gets a helping hand during a play.

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