Support from all over the world

The task can be exhausting at times but it remains extremely fulfilling. (…) Since September representatives of AfA have been visiting Laotian companies and organizations to promote AfA and its scholarship fund. The result has so far not been overwhelming as we have to date only received a total of 2 million Kip in immediate donations. This is just enough money to support two families for one month with a 50% grant. The fund currently supports 14 families with subsidies between 25 and 90 percent.

However, the interest of a few companies has been generated and we are in talks about a long-term form of cooperation. This is very much needed as currently 5 families are on the waiting list for a scholarship.

In November we welcomed visitors from France. Representatives of the private aid organization Sol’Asia, which supports disadvantaged children in Vietnam, China and Laos, handed over a donation of EUR 500. We are particularly happy about the fact that Sol’Asia is also interested in a long-term cooperation and are planning to start a fundraising activity for AfA in France.

Two large private donations of EUR 500 each by Petra Polgar and Hildegard von Walther have tided us over during the last two months. A big thank you for that!

We also had visitors from Finland; the Abilis foundation has invited us to submit proposals for aid projects, which we are currently developing.

From Holland we received an offer to support us with translations and our website which we have gratefully accepted.

Despite all these big plans (please also see the article on AfA’s strategy on the left) our main concern remains to ensure the daily service of the autism center. We currently need a monthly income of EUR 1,500, or EUR 1,800 if we are to accept four additional grant applications.

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